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    MDN page layout guide

    These guides supplement the MDN style guide with specific layouts for the various types of pages on MDN. This helps contributors create new content that's structurally consistent with the rest of MDN.

    API landing page guide
    An API landing page is an article that provides an overview of what a related collection of interfaces, objects, and other API terms do and are used for. Consider, for example, the API landing page for the IndexedDB API.
    Article page layout guide
    An article is any page that explains or teaches something. These are non-reference pages which are also not landing pages. In general, if a page is primarily prose and/or sample code, it's an article.
    Landing page layout guide
    A landing page serves as a menu, of sorts, for all of its subpages. It opens with a brief summary of the topic, then presents a structured list of links to subpages, and, optionally, additional material that may be of use.
    Reference page layout guide
    A reference page is one which lists all of the methods, properties, events, and so forth belonging to a particular interface or class. It offers links to the documentation for each of these, as well as an overview of what the class or interface does or is used for.
    Reference subpage layout guide
    A reference subpage is a child of a reference page; while the reference page lists all the member functions and properties of an interface or class (as well as any relevant global constants and functions), the reference subpages each document a single member in detail.

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