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MDN is brought to you by the MDN community. Here are some ways that we share information about what we're doing.


Mozilla Hacks
News about and in-depth coverage of Web and Mozilla technologies and features.
Engaging Developers
Promoting activity and discussion amongst the community involved in MDN at Mozilla.

Streams of ephemera

  • @MozDevNet: Interesting pages, tutorials, guides, calls for submissions, significant updates, and other news about Mozilla Developer Network.
  • @MozHacks: Tweets about new web technologies, great HTML5 apps, and Firefox features.
  • Mozilla Hacks (YouTube)

Status boards and dashboards

Take a look at the Documentation status pages to see what's going on across the full breadth of MDN content. You'll be able to see what articles need to be written or updated, what topics need the most help, and much, much more.

MDN meetings

There are a number of regular meetings for tracking and sharing progress on various MDN-related projects and processes. These are described on the MDN meetings wiki page.

To get a general sense of what's happening, the best meeting to attend is the MDN Community meeting, which occurs every two weeks on Wednesdays, 10:00 US Pacific time (UTC-0800 October-March, UTC-0700 in March-October), in the #mdn IRC channel. See the MDN community meetings wiki page for agendas and notes from past meetings.

The Public MDN Events calendar contains MDN community meetings, doc sprints, and other MDN-related events. If you see a meeting which takes place in the "mdn" channel on our Vidyo videoconferencing system, you can join the conversation on the web.