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This article's purpose is to help writers find the Mozilla developers who have answers for questions about various technologies. If you're an engineer on any Mozilla project, please make sure your technology is on this list and that the contact information for your group is provided.

Because individuals involved with technology projects may come and go, this page provides, where possible, links to the relevant section of the Mozilla module owners list, for each technology. From there, you can find owners and peers for the modules, discussion lists, and wiki pages. Otherwise, individual subject-matter experts are listed, in the format Name (IRC nickname). It's also worth looking directly at the module owners list if you can't find what you're looking for here.

  • Firefox for Android
  • Firefox for Desktop
    • Add-ons Manager: Blair McBride (unfocused)
    • Debugging (Mobile/Firefox OS): Panagiotis Astithas (past)
    • Social integration: wiki page; Gavin Sharp (gavin), Shane Caraveo (mixedpuppy)
  • Firefox OS
    • Alarm API
    • Battery status API: Jonas Sicking (sicking)
    • Bluetooth API
    • Browser API
    • Calendar API: Gregor Wagner (gwagner), Tantek Çelik (tantek)
    • Camera API: Mike Habicher (mikeh)
    • Contacts API: Gregor Wagner (gwagner), Tantek Çelik (tantek)
    • Idle API: Jonas Sicking (sicking)
    • Keyboard/IME API: Fabrice Desré (fabrice)
    • Log API: José M. Cantera, Telefónica
    • Mobile Connection API
    • Mouse lock API: David Humphrey (humph), Chris Pearce (cpearse), Olli Pettay (smaug)
    • Near Field Communication (NFC) API
    • Network information API
    • Networks Stats
    • Permissions: Gregor Wagner (gwagner)
    • Power management API
    • Resource Lock API: Kan-run Chen
    • Screen orientation
    • Settings API: Gregor Wagner (gwagner)
    • SMS
    • Spellcheck API
    • TCP Socket API: Donovan Preston (fzzzy, @donovanpreston)
    • Time/click API: Steven Lee
    • Telephony
    • UDP Datagram Socket API: Donovan Preston (fzzzy, @donovanpreston)
    • USB File Reading API: Thinker Lee
    • Vibration API
    • WebFM API: Steven Lee, Pin Zhang
    • WebPayments: Fernando Jiménez (ferjm, @f_jimenez), Kumar McMillan (kumar)
    • Wifi Information API
  • HTML
  • Mozilla infrastructure
  • Mozilla platform
  • Open web apps
  • SQL/MySQL queries: Sheeri Cabral (sheeri, @sheeri)
  • Web APIs

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