MDN mentors

The MDN community is actively supported by a set of mentors. Mentors are here to help contributors finding their way through MDN to make their life easier and have fun while contributing.

If you need some help, mentors are here to help.

We can always use more help! If you'd like to become an MDN mentor, get active, get our attention, and we'll see where you go! And please ping sheppy (the docs team lead) to let him know you've done so!

See mentor role for details about how to go about becoming a mentor, and what the role entails.


Here is the list of all our mentors currently on MDN.

Topic Mentor name MDN ID IRC username Email Twitter
Add-on SDK          
Developer tools          
Firefox (desktop and mobile)          
Firefox OS          
Glossary Biraj Karmakar Biraj biraj @birajkarmakar
Learning Area          
Persona & Firefox accounts          
Web APIs          
Web Apps          

MDN Admin

MDN Administrators are some kind of super mentors. They can answer all your question and fix any mistake made while editing. They are broadly available through IRC or the MDN's mailing list. Their time zone provides a hint to know when they should be available but there is no guaranty.

Time Zone Curator name MDN ID IRC username Email Twitter
CET (UTC+1h) Florian Scholz fscholz fscholz fscholz mozilla dot com @floscholz
CET (UTC+1h) Jeremie Patonnier Jeremie Jeremie @JeremiePat
GMT (UTC+0h) Jean-Yves Perrier teoli teoli @Teoli2003
GMT (UTC+0h) Chris Mills chrisdavidmills chrismills @chrisdavidmills
CST (UTC-6h) Janet Swisher jswisher jswisher @jmswisher
CST (UTC-6h) Eric Shepherd sheppy sheppy @sheppy
PST (UTC-8h) Will Bamberg wbamberg wbamberg