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    List of Mozilla-Based Applications

    This article is in need of a technical review.

    The following is a list of all known active applications that are built using Mozilla technologies. This list is likely to be incomplete since we think there are many dark matter projects that we don't know about. If you have information about a new project or extra information about an existing project, please feel free to update this page.

    A list of former Mozilla-based applications is also available.

    Name Description Additional Information
    389 Directory Server LDAP server Uses NSS
    A380 seatback entertainment system media software This blog post mentions a reference to Mozilla being used but I couldn't find more information about it.
    Abstract accounting tool  
    Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) software Uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey
    Adobe Flash Player popular browser plug-in Uses NSS in Linux version
    AdWatch content management system Uses XUL and XPCOM
    AICPCU/IIA exam app exam delivery software  
    Aliwal Geocoder geocoding & data on a map  
    Amarok XUL remote remote control for AmaroK music player  
    Ample SDK Javascript GUI-framework  
    AOL Instant Messenger IM client Uses NSS
    Apache web server Doesn't use NSS by default, but can be configured to use NSS with mod_nss SSL module
    ApicaWatch site performance monitoring tool Uses Firefox as part of its monitoring package
    Astyle CSS editor editing tool  
    Atmail webmail client  
    Aviva for Java mainframe connectivity product Uses Mozilla Rhino
    Babelgum Internet TV service  
    Batik Java-based toolkit Uses Mozilla Rhino
    BitBox security focused browser Seemingly based on Firefox
    Blackbird browser for African American community  
    BlueGriffon wysiwyg editor Next generation version of Composer
    Buzzbird Twitter client Built on XULRunner
    Camino browser 2.5m downloads and ~400,000 active users ... 
    Celtx media tool  
    Cenzic Hailstorm vulnerability assessment and management tool Uses Gecko
    ChatZilla IRC client Standalone version (XULRunner)
    Chromium and Google Chrome web browser Uses Mozilla NSS and NPAPI libraries 
    Chromeless browser with HTML-based interface  
    Classilla Mozilla browser for Mac OS 9  
    Clines a clone of Color Lines (game) Standalone version
    Cloud web operating system  
    Cloud Browse iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch browser Seems to be Firefox running remotely on servers that people access through device
    Conkeror keyboard-oriented browser  
    Convertigo Enterprise Mashup Server server tool for transactional web scraping and for web clipping  
    CometBird another Firefox mod Modified version of Firefox
    Correo email  
    Couac (fr) web-based email and jabber app  
    CouchDB document-oriented database Uses Spidermonkey
    Courtanet Benefit (fr) underwriting software for French insurance brokers  
    Crosscheck browserless testing framework Uses Mozilla Rhino
    Crowbar server tool  
    Cycloctopus screen scraping console  
    Cyclone3 content management system  
    Danger mobile platform Uses Gecko on the server side -- no longer active?
    Desktop 2 internal browser and portal client Expeditors International of Washington, Inc.
    Dogtag certificate system Uses NSS
    Dojo JavaScript toolkit Uses Mozilla Rhino in ShrinkSafe
    Eclipse platform open development platform The AJAX Toolkit Framework, Standard Widget Toolkit and EclipseMozilla projects make use of Mozilla
    Elixon WCMS/XUL Web Content Management System Fully remote XUL WCMS (no need to install extensions).
    Entelechy chat bot Uses XULRunner
    Epic Browser web browser for India  
    eMusic Download Manager music downloader for emusic  
    eMusic Remote music manager  
    Enlis Genome Personal genome browser  
    ESXX JavaScript application server

    Uses Mozilla Rhino

    Etna XML wysiwyg editor  
    Eudora mail and news application The upcoming version 8 will be based on Thunderbird
    Evergreen library automation system  
    Evolution email client Uses NSS
    eXe eLearning XHTML editor Seems to be using XUL for some of their webui
    Facebook Open Platform Facebook Open Platform The FBML parser used in the platform is based on Mozilla code
    Fennec Browser for mobiles As Mark notes: Fennec is not Firefox, it’s a completely different application
    FindThatFont! font management tool  
    Firecast digital signage and interactive kiosk tools Also used in Firecast EasyStart
    Mozilla Firefox web browser Web Browser usage stats from Global Stats
    FossaMail email client for Windows platform, based on Mozilla Thunderbird Developed by Moonchild Productions, creator of the Pale Moon web browser
    Flickr Uploadr image upload tool see Flickr Uploadr: Open Source and Powered by XULRunner
    Foxkeh Clock clock  
    Frizione JavaScript development, testing and deployment environment Uses Mozilla Rhino
    GeckoFX embeddable Gecko  
    Gjs Javascript bindings for GNOME  
    GlobalMojo browser that raises money for your favorite causes  
    GLUEscript a JavaScript engine which can be used as a general purpose language Uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey and formerly called wxJavaScript
    Gnome operating system Gnome 3 will use SpiderMonkey through Gjs
    Google AdWords Editor editor  
    Google Gadgets for Linux Google’s Desktop Widget engine Uses XULRunner according to the Build Instructions
    Grani Grain sizing assessment tool According to this wiki page Grani is based on XUL and XPCOM Daim
    gwt-mosaic-xul XUL builder for Google Web Tools  
    Hachette's Multimedia Encyclopedia electronic encyclopedia This product was using Mozilla in 2004 but I’m not sure if new version still does
    HacketyHack little coders  
    Helma web application framework Uses Mozilla Rhino
    Holt McDougal CD-ROMs educational CD-ROMs Activity Generator and Lab Generator are both based on custom Firefox distributions
    Houdini 3d animation tools Uses Gecko in embedded help viewer
    HttpUnit automated testing framework Uses Mozilla Rhino
    HtmlUnit browser for Java programs Uses Mozilla Rhino
    HyperInfo Web Application plat form Uses GoeckoFX
    IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition business process management system Uses Mozilla Rhino and Mozilla XPCOM Eclipse plug-in. (Product was formerly known as Lombardi Teamworks)
    IceDragon fast, secure and feature-rich Internet browser Based on Firefox
    IDA e-Learning authoring system About 200 users
    IMVU 3d chat client  
    Incredimail mail client Seems to use XULRunner
    Instantbird IM client XULRunner application
    ItsNat Java AJAX Component based Web Framework  
    Java software platform Uses Mozilla Rhino
    JavaLikeScript JavaScript extensible tooling framework Uses NSPR and SpiderMonkey
    Jaxer Ajax server  
    jslibs JavaScript development runtime environment Uses SpiderMonkey (Note: this is separate from the Javascript library jsLib)
    JoyBidder eBay auction tool Standalone version uses XULRunner
    jUST (fr) audio A tool for setting temporal tags in audio documents
    JsDoc Toolkit documentation tool Uses Mozilla Rhino
    K-Meleon Gecko-based web browser for Windows Embeds Gecko in MFC Mandelbrot creates images of Mandelbrot sets XULRUnner application
    Kazehakase Gecko-based web browser for Unix  
    Kirix Strata data browser  
    Kiwix offline version of Wikipedia  
    Kneemail prayer, praise, and journal application  
    Komodo and Komodo Edit and Open Komodo development tools Mozilla-based application (pre-XULRunner style), XUL UI
    KompoZer wysiwyg HTML editor unofficial bug-fix release of NVu
    Kylo video browser Uses Gecko
    BioFortis Labmatrix web-accessible software application used for information management and integration of patient clinical, specimen, genetic and molecular assay data Based on XUL
    Liaison Groupware client for Novell’s email and collaboration server Previously called MozNGW
    Linbox Kiosk Browser (fr) web browser Dedicated browser for french prefecture and town hall
    litl Internet computer for home Uses SpiderMonkey and Gecko
    LiziLayers GIS application 3Liz also creates some GIS Firefox add-ons
    Logitech Harmony Remote Software software for remote control device Uses GRE or XULrunner
    Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English CD-ROM  
    Lotus Notes / Sametime groupware The latest version of IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime can embed XUL applications
    Lucidor e-book reader  
    Lx-Office accounting tool Looks like it makes at least some use of XUL
    Maavis simple UI & communications for accessibility Framework designed for elderly people with dementia but other applications
    Mac OS X operating system Makes use of some MPL files such as libsecurity_asn1
    Maemo Browser browser for Maemo Internet tablet Development name is MicroB
    MagooClient business process management tool Uses Mozilla Rhino
    Mantra security tool  
    McCoy secure update tool for add-ons XULRunner application
    MediaCoder media converter Transcoder for video, audio, and even devices such as Zen, Zune, PocketPCs, iPods, and PSPs
    Mekhala browser Part of the KhmerOS Linux distro
    midbrowser mobile web browser  
    Mockery mockup creation tool Built on XULRunner
    mongoDB database project Uses SpiderMonkey
    Moyura email client Part of the KhmerOS Linux distro

    MozCards, JoliStopwatch, JoliTimer

    simple apps for Maemo Uses XULRunner
    MozNet .NET Control embeddable Gecko for .NET applications Wraps XulRunner for use in .NET applications
    My Internet Browser localized browser Uses Gecko
    Myna Application Server JavaScript application server for Java Uses Mozilla Rhino
    NextCMS (fr) CMS  
    Nightingale music player Community run effort to continue Songbird support for Linux
    OLPC Web Browser browser  
    OneTeam Jabber client  
    OpenDocument Viewer viewer  
    OpenGate's tools CD burner, file browser, and hardware diagnostic softwares OpenGate is the OpenSource side of the EasyNeuf project, “A Free Software Computer, Easy and Preinstalled”
    Open Mashups development tool office suite Uses NSS
    Openswan implementation of IPsec for Linux Uses NSS
    Orca Browser web browser Gecko-based version of Avant browser
    Pale Moon web browser Optimized browser developed by Moonchild Productions for GNU/Linux & Windows platforms, originally forked from Firefox
    Palo Suite Excel extension Uses Prism
    PartyGaming online gaming product Uses Gecko
    Pencil tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping Available as a firefox extension or a standalone app
    Pentaho BI Suite commercial open source business intelligence Uses XUL and Mozilla Rhino
    Persevere tools for persistence and distributed computing Uses Mozilla Rhino
    Phloneme publishing tool for Vocab Collab  
    PhpED PHP Editor Embedded Mozilla browser in product
    Pidgin IM client Uses NSS
    Plain Old Webserver extension and standalone webserver 5,000 users and 30,000 downloads
    POE::XUL framework for remote XUL application in POE  
    Postbox email client Started as a fork of Thunderbird
    Printgroove JT Suite print process software Uses XULRunner and Spidermonkey
    Prism (was WebRunner) single-site browser XULRunner application
    Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire CADCAM product  
    PsycRunner Chat, Messenger, Multicast toolkit About 1,000 users – XULRunner version of PsycZilla extension
    Pyjamas-Desktop a Python Web Widget toolkit Uses XULrunner DOM to implement the widgets and event handling. python-hulahop is required
    Python-Hulahop a Python GTK Widget Uses embedded XULrunner, providing full access to nsI DOM and all other XULrunner interfaces, in a GTK window. It's possible to create your own python web browser with hulahop, and much much more besides.
    QSOS XUL Editor tool for the QSOS method QSOS stands for Qualification and Selection of Opensource Software
    Qtrax music client Based on Songbird
    QuickSTAF GUI client for Software Testing Automation Framework Uses XULRunner
    QuteCom phone software Previously named OpenWengo
    Redcar text editor Seems to use XULRunner
    Red Hat Directory Server server product Uses NSS
    Red Hat Certificate System server product Uses NSS
    Regex Renamer tool to rename files  
    SamePlace IM client  
    Scenari Platform application suite for designing publishing chains  
    Script It Android development platform Uses Mozilla Rhino, develop directly on your Android device
    SeaMonkey suite A volunteer community legally backed by Mozilla Foundation with 2.5 million downloads
    Secure Browser browser that uses virtualization Created by Dell
    SEPT CMS for web site More information here (in English) and here (in French)
    Skyfire mobile browser  
    Sipear IM client  
    SmartReport Supervision Appliance network monitoring and performance management SmartReport is an appliance created by Acipia (France). XUL and the Mozilla Framework are heavily used in the GUI
    Snapstick Internet on TV Article that talks about Snapstick using Firefox
    SOGo groupware Front-end uses Thunderbird code
    Songbird music XULRunner application
    Spicebird collaboration suite  
    SpiderApe embedding tool Uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey
    Splashtop Web Browser browser Part of instant-on operating system
    sqlite-manager database manager Standalone version of add-on
    StealthSurfer secure Internet tools on USB key Uses Firefox and Thunderbird
    StreamBase complex event processing platform Seems to use XULRunner
    Stylizer CSS Editor CSS editor CSS Editor with built-in Firebug-like diagnostics and Gecko 1.8 preview
    Sun Java Enterprise System server products Uses NSS
    Sundial browser with advanced domain name technology Based on Firefox
    SurfEasy private and secure web browsing  
    Sweet16 Apple II computer emulator Uses SpiderMonkey as a scriptable debugger for software running in the emulator
    Mozilla Sunbird/Mozilla Lightning calendar  
    TabPress authoring tool  
    Talend Open Studo data integration software Seems to use XULRunner
    Talking Clipboard text to speech software Read ePub books, web pages, CHM, PDF, MS Word, RTF, RSS feeds
    TaskPool productivity  
    Telasocial kiosk app Uses XULRunner
    TeleKast teleprompter  
    TenFourFox browser for PowerPC-based Macs  
    Timberwolf browser for Amiga OS4 Based on Firefox - Project Page
    Mozilla Thunderbird email 47 million DL
    TomTom HOME 2 PC application to manage TomTom GPS devices Review article from GPS Magazine; over 2.4m users
    TopStyle HTML, XHTML and CSS editor Seems to have optional Gecko embedding but doesn't use it by default
    ToxTox Media Browser for TV 5000 downloads
    Trixul GUI toolkit Uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey
    TrustedBird email client Thunderbird bundled with a set of extensions (formerly known as Milimail)
    TuneUp music collection organizer Listed on XULRunner Hall of Fame but haven't seen information elsewhere
    TuxGuitar tabulature editor Uses XULRunner
    TwitFactory standalone twitter/ client  
    UIS University Information System Intranet application, 1000 users, Thin client based on FF3
    Unison Desktop enterprise email I think it's using mailnews code but don't have any information to link to. Feel free to supply references.
    UOX3 Ultima Online server-emulator Uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey
    Verbosio XML Editor No releases available
    VerseMinder Bible passage app  
    Virgin Media Security security tools Seems to use XULRunner
    VirtualBox virtualization tool Use XPCOM as its component model on Linux
    Waterfox 64-bit variant of Firefox Based on Firefox
    Webissimo web browser Based on XULRunner
    Websecurify web Application Security Testing Environment  
    Wesabe money management tool Automatic Uploader is a XULRunner application that runs headless in Xvfb
    WikipediaOnDVD and Wikimedia by moulin offline versions of Wikipedia Blog post about projects
    Wine implementation of the Windows API Uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey and the Gecko ActiveX control suite of web-based workplace apps Uses Prism
    wxWebConnect Web Browser Control Library  
    Wyzo browser  
    xB Browser anonymous web browser  
    Xbusiness create and send branded invoices, quotes or estimates  
    XDF billing and quotes software  
    Xiphos Bible study software  
    xmlDBEditor database editor  
    xPUD Linux desktop xPUD: Linux with an XUL Interface, 10 Second Boot Time
    XRap XulRunner Application Packager  
    XUL Daim image tool  
    XUL Explorer development tool XULRunner application
    XULJet JavaScript framework Uses XULRunner
    XULmine game Standalone version
    Yahoo! Widgets desktop widgets Uses Mozilla SpiderMonkey
    Yoono Desktop social networking app Standalone version of Yoono Firefox add-on
    Zap SIP client status update from August 2008
    Zimbra Desktop email and calendar application Uses Prism
    Zinc video browser According to FAQ the standalone version is based on Firefox
    ZK web application framework Makes use of XUL
    Zotero reference manager Firefox extension and XULRunner application

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