JS GetPositiveInfinityValue

Retrieve a floating-point infinity as a value of type jsval.


jsval JS_GetPositiveInfinityValue(JSContext *cx);

jsval JS_GetNegativeInfinityValue(JSContext *cx);
Name Type Description
cx JSContext * A context.


JS_GetPositiveInfinityValue returns a jsval that represents an IEEE floating-point positive infinity. JS_GetNegativeInfinityValue returns the corresponding negative infinity.

Infinities are typically used to represent numbers that are greater in magnitude than the greatest representable finite values. As a value in mathematical calculations, an infinite value behaves like infinity. For example, any nonzero value multiplied by infinity is infinity with the expected sign, and any finite value divided by infinity is zero (again with the expected sign).

To get a floating-point NaN, use JS_GetNaNValue.

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