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JS ConvertValue

Converts a JavaScript value to a value of a specific JavaScript type.


JSBool JS_ConvertValue(JSContext *cx, jsval v, JSType type, jsval *vp);
Name Type Description
cx JSContext * The context in which to perform the conversion. Requires request. In a JS_THREADSAFE build, the caller must be in a request on this JSContext.
v jsval The value to convert.
type JSType The type to which the value is to be converted. type must be one of JSTYPE_VOID, JSTYPE_OBJECT, JSTYPE_FUNCTION, JSTYPE_STRING, JSTYPE_NUMBER, or JSTYPE_BOOLEAN. Otherwise JS_ConvertValue reports an error.
vp jsval * Out parameter. On success, *vp receives the converted value.


JS_ConvertValue converts a JavaScript value, v, to the specified type. On success, the converted value is stored in *vp. Typically users of this function set vp to point to v, so that if conversion is successful, v now contains the converted value.

JS_ConvertValue calls other, type-specific conversion routines based on the type argument.

Converting any value to JSTYPE_VOID always succeeds. The result is JSVAL_VOID.

Converting to JSTYPE_OBJECT works exactly like JS_ValueToObject.

Converting to JSTYPE_FUNCTION works like JS_ValueToFunction, but better: the result is a function object that has not been stripped of its lexical scope.  It is safe to call the result (e.g. using JS_CallFunctionValue).

Converting to JSTYPE_STRING works exactly like JS_ValueToString.

Converting to JSTYPE_NUMBER works exactly like JS_ValueToNumber.

Converting to JSTYPE_BOOLEAN works exactly like JS_ValueToBoolean.

On success, JS_ConvertValue stores the converted value in *vp and returns JS_TRUE. On error or exception, it returns JS_FALSE, and the value left in *vp is undefined.

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