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<p>Firefox and Gecko generally support IPv6. Operating systems that support IPv6 by default include Windows (Vista+), Mac OS X (10.5+), and many Linux distributions.</p>
<p>You can use one of these sites to test your IPv6 connectivity:</p>
<ul> <li><a class=" external" href="http://ipv6-test.com/" rel="freelink">http://ipv6-test.com/</a><br> <a class=" external" href="http://test-ipv6.com/" rel="freelink">http://test-ipv6.com/</a></li>
<p>For further testing you should be able to access Google via IPv6:</p>
<ul> <li>Domain: <a class=" external" href="http://ipv6.google.com/" rel="freelink">http://ipv6.google.com/</a></li> <li>IP Literal: <a class=" external" href="http://[2001:4860:800f:0000:0000:0000:0000:0068]" rel="freelink">http://[2001:4860:800f:0000:0000:0000:0000:0068]</a></li>
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