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    How To Pass an XPCOM Object to a New Window

    A more useful example is available in the source code: toolkit/components/help/content/contextHelp.js#61

    If you want to be able to call functions within an XPCOM object from a XUL window's code, you can do so if you pass the XPCOM object as one of the arguments to the window creation method.

    For example:

    var ww = 
    var win = ww.openWindow(null,
          "debug history", "chrome,centerscreen,resizable", myObject);

    Note in this example that myObject is passed to the openWindow() method; you can pass any XPCOM object (or any other value, for that matter) in this way. To access the XPCOM object from the window's code, you can access the window.arguments[] array, as shown in the example below:


    This will produce output similar to "[xpconnect wrapped nsIMyXPCOMObject]".

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