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"'><img src=x onerror=confirm(3);>
"'><img src=x onerror=confirm(3);>", "References", "HTML"
"'><img src=x onerror=confirm(3);>", "References", "HTML"

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t7    <table summary="&quot;'&gt;&lt;img src=x onerror=confirm(3);&t7    <div class="callout-box">
8      <caption dir="rtl">8      <div style="font:normal 20px 'Bebas Neue','League Gothic',H
 >aettenschweiler,Impact,'Arial Narrow',sans-serif;text-transform:u
9        "'&gt;&lt;img src=x onerror=confirm(3);&gt;9        HTML5 Demos
10      </div>
11      <p>
12        A <a href="
 >tech:html5" title="demos/tag/tech:html5">collection of demos</a> 
 >showing the latest HTML technologies in action.
10      </caption>13      </p>
11      <tbody>14      <p>
15        <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/HTML5" title="html5"><img alt="
 >The logo of HTML" class="default" longdesc="The%20latest%20versio
 >eld%20with%20the%20number%205%20on%20it." src="/files/3563/HTML5_
 >Logo_128.png" style="width: 128px; height: 128px;"></a>
16      </p>
17    </div>
18    <p>
19      <strong>HyperText Markup Language (<em>HTML</em>)</strong> 
 >is the language used to created web pages and other types of docu
 >ments viewable in a browser. More precisely, HTML is the language
 > that describes the structure and the semantic of a document. The
 > content is tagged with HTML elements like <code>&lt;img&gt;</cod
 >e>, <code>&lt;title&gt;</code>, <code>&lt;article&gt;</code>, <co
 >de>&lt;canvas&gt;</code>, …
20    </p>
21    <p>
22      HTML is an international standard whose specifications are 
 >maintained by the <a class="external" href="">W
 >orld Wide Web Consortium</a> and the <a href="http://www.whatwg.o
 >rg/" title="">WHATWG</a>.
23    </p>
24    <p>
25      HTML is considered a <em>living standard</em> and is techni
 >cally under continuous development. That always-current version o
 >f the HTML specification is refered as <strong>HTML5</strong>.
26    </p>
27    <div class="cleared row topicpage-table">
28      <div class="section">
29        <h2 class="Documentation" id="Documentation" name="Docume
30          Documentation about HTML
31        </h2>
12        <tr>32        <dl>
13          <td>33          <dt>
14            &nbsp;34            <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/Introduction" title="Introd
 >uction to HTML"><strong>Introduction to HTML</strong></a>
15          </td>35          </dt>
16          <td>36          <dd>
17            &nbsp;37            The page provides basic information on syntax and sem
 >antics of an HTML page (document). This will provide basic inform
 >ation required to develop HTML documents
18          </td>38          </dd>
19        </tr>
20        <tr>
21          <td>39          <dt>
22            &nbsp;40            <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/Element" title="HTML/Elemen
 >t">HTML element reference</a>
23          </td>41          </dt>
24          <td>42          <dd>
25            &nbsp;43            Get details about each element supported by different
 > browsers.
26          </td>44          </dd>
27        </tr>
28        <tr>
29          <td>45          <dt>
30            &nbsp;46            <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/Attributes" title="HTML/Att
 >ributes">HTML attributes list</a>
31          </td>47          </dt>
32          <td>48          <dd>
33            &nbsp;49            See all attributes and what elements they are associa
 >ted with.
34          </td>50          </dd>
51          <dt>
52            <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/HTML5" title="HTML/HTML5">H
53          </dt>
54          <dd>
55            Learn about the new HTML5 APIs and elements along wit
 >h their support.
56          </dd>
57          <dt>
58            <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/Forms" title="HTML/Forms">H
 >TML Forms Guide</a>
59          </dt>
60          <dd>
61            HTML forms are a complex part of HTML. This guide wil
 >l help you mastering them, from structure to styling, from browse
 >r support to custom controls.
62          </dd>
63          <dt>
64            <a href="/en-US/docs/Web_development/Historical_artif
 >acts_to_avoid" title="HTML/Bad_copy_pasting_habits">Bad copy-past
 >ing habits</a>
65          </dt>
66          <dd>
67            Web technologies are very often learned by viewing so
 >urces of other pages and copy-pasting. However, this often means 
 >that bad habits perpetuate. This page lists some of these bad pat
 >terns and show you can achieve their goal the right way.
68          </dd>
69          <dt>
70            <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/Canvas/Drawing_Graphics_wit
 >h_Canvas" title="Drawing_Graphics_with_Canvas">Drawing Graphics w
 >ith Canvas</a>
71          </dt>
72          <dd>
73            A new HTML element for programmable graphics. <code>&
 >lt;canvas&gt;</code> can be used for rendering graphs, UI element
 >s, and other custom graphics on the client.
74          </dd>
75          <dt>
76            <a href="/en-US/docs/HTML/Tips_for_authoring_fast-loa
 >ding_HTML_pages" title="HTML/Tips for authoring fast-loading HTML
 > pages">Tips for Authoring Fast-loading HTML Pages</a>
77          </dt>
78          <dd>
79            An optimized web page not only provides for a more re
 >sponsive site for your visitors, but also reduces the load on you
 >r web servers and internet connection.
80          </dd>
81        </dl>
82        <p>
83          <span class="alllinks"><a href="/en-US/docs/tag/HTML" t
 >itle="Article tagged: HTML">View All...</a></span>
35        </tr>84        </p>
36      </tbody>85      </div>
37    </table><a name="aaaaaaaaaaa" id="aaaaaaaaaaa"></a>86      <div class="section">
87        <h2 class="Community" id="Community" name="Community">
88          Getting help from the community
89        </h2>
90        <p>
91          You need help on a HTML-related problem and can't find 
 >the solution in the documentation?
92        </p>
93        <ul>
94          <li>Consult the dedicated Mozilla forum : {{DiscussionL
 >ist("dev-tech-html", "")}}
95          </li>
96          <li>Go to <a href="
 >agged/html" title=""
 >>Stack Overflow</a>, a collaboratively built and maintained Q&amp
 >;A site and look if you can find the answer to your quetion. If n
 >ot you will be able to ask your question there.
97          </li>
98        </ul>
99        <p>
100          <span class="alllinks"><a href="
 >r/faqs/smart-questions.html">Don't forget about the <em>netiquett
101        </p>
102        <h2 class="Tools" id="Tools" name="Tools">
103          Tools easing HTML development
104        </h2>
105        <ul>
106          <li>Firefox' <a class="link-https" href="https://addons
 >">Firebug extension</a><span
 > class="external">, a popular</span> extension of that navigator 
 >that allows to edit live CSS on watched sites. Very practical to 
 >test some changes, though this extension does much more.
107          </li>
108          <li>
109            <a class="external" href="">H
 >TML Validator</a>
110          </li>
111          <li>
112            <a class="link-https" href="https://addons.mozilla.or
 >g/en-US/firefox/addon/web-developer/">Web Developer Extension</a>
113          </li>
114          <li>
115            <a class="external" href="
 >/">HTML Tidy</a>
116          </li>
117          <li>
118            <a class="external" href="
 >">Pretty Diff</a>
119          </li>
120        </ul>
121        <p>
122          <span class="alllinks"><a href="/en-US/docs/tag/HTML:To
 >ols" title="Article tagged: HTML:Tools">View All...</a></span>
123        </p>
124        <h2 class="Related_Topics" id="Related_Topics" name="Rela
125          Related Topics
126        </h2>
127        <ul>
128          <li>The <a href="/en-US/docs/CSS" title="CSS">Cascading
 > Style Sheets (CSS)</a> used to give style to HTML.
129          </li>
130          <li>The <a href="/en-US/docs/Document_Object_Model_(DOM
 >)" title="Document Object Model (DOM)">Document Object Model (DOM
 >)</a> is the representation of an HTML document as a tree.
131          </li>
132          <li>
133            <a href="/en-US/docs/XHTML" title="XHTML">XHTML</a> i
 >s the <a href="/en-US/docs/XML" title="XML">XML</a> version of th
 >e language.
134          </li>
135        </ul>
136      </div>
137    </div>
138    <p>
139      &nbsp;
140    </p>

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