MDN Web Docs Glossary: Definitions of Web-related terms

Web technologies contain long lists of jargon and abbreviations that are used in documentation and coding. This glossary provides definitions of words and abbreviations you need to know to successfully understand and build for the web.

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Note: This glossary is a never-ending work in progress. You can help improve it by writing new entries or by making the existing ones better.

Note: If you'd prefer a web development glossary in book form, check out The Web Development Glossary (EPUB, MOBI, PDF). It’s a third-party glossary that includes the entries found here, and also adds a wide range of additional entries.

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With prerendering, the content is prefetched and then rendered in the background by the browser as if the content had been rendered into an invisible separate tab. When the user navigates to the prerendered content, the current content is replaced by the prerendered content instantly.