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Do you care about Web standards? Do you hate working around browser bugs? Don't just stand there - with engineers bleeding by the side of the road, are you going to be the Pharisee or the Good Samaritan?

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If he looks mean, it's because he needs a hug

You can help, and you don't need to be a C++ programmer! Simplifying bug reports to the simplest possible test case doesn't take too long per bug, but when you've got as many bugs as we do, the time really adds up. And every hour Gecko engineers spend decomposing bug reports is an hour they can't spend on FIXING bugs. The more bugs that are simplified, the faster Gecko engineers can fix them, and the fewer bugs there'll be!

Writing a testcase is also the best and most productive way to vote for a bug. Overworked engineers tend to focus on bugs with testcases. If a bug bothers you, why does it still not have a testcase?

What Is A Test Case?

A simplified test case means the simplest possible Web page that still reproduces the bug. If you remove any more characters from the file of the simplified test case, you no longer see the bug. You can find out how to make them at Reducing_testcases.

Finding The Bugs

Bugs which definitely need a testcase are flagged with the testcase-wanted keyword (search). If there are none of those, then try working your way through one of the following components:

Document Navigation
DOM: Core & HTML
DOM: CSS Object Model
DOM: Events
DOM: Mozilla Extensions
DOM: Other
DOM: Traversal-Range
DOM: Validation
Drag and Drop
Event Handling
Find Backend
GFX: Thebes
HTML: Form Submission
HTML: Parser
JavaScript Engine
Layout: Block and Inline
Layout: Canvas
Layout: Floats
Layout: Form Controls
Layout: HTML Frames
Layout: Images
Layout: R & A Pos
Layout: Tables
Layout: Text
Layout: View Rendering
Print Preview
Printing: Output
Style System (CSS)


Find a bug, create a reduced testcase and attach it to the bug. When you've done that, remove the testcase-wanted keyword (if present), add a testcase keyword, and move on to the next bug. If you don't have sufficient Bugzilla permissions to add keywords or attachments,  mail Gerv to obtain additional permissions.


This is the good bit. Each time you make a testcase, bookmark the bug. When you've got to 15, email the list to Martijn in order to receive, with our thanks, a cute stuffed Firefox!


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