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<p>Mailing list: <a class="external" href=""></a>
<ol><li> <a href="en/Mozilla_Embedding_FAQ/Introduction_to_Gecko_and_Embedding">Introduction to Gecko and Embedding</a>
<ol><li><a class="external" href="">What is Gecko?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">What is Mozilla?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">What is the GRE?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">What is XPCOM?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">What does it mean to "embed" Gecko?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">What are the license terms for embedding Gecko?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">Is there an SDK?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">Is there a latest version? What version should I use?</a>
</li><li><a class="external" href="">Who is using Gecko already?</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/Mozilla_Embedding_FAQ/Embedding_Gecko">Embedding Gecko</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/Mozilla_Embedding_FAQ/How_do_I...">How do I...</a>
</li><li> <a href="en/Mozilla_Embedding_FAQ/Common_Problems">Common Problems</a>
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