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    Embedding Mozilla

    Gecko allows third party developers to use the same technology as found in Mozilla. That means you can embed a web browser inside a third-party application, open channels and streams through the network backend, walk through the DOM and so on. You can even construct whole new applications using chrome.
    If you're building an application that uses Mozilla technology, we'd love to hear about it!
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    Gecko Embedding Basics
    An introduction to embedding the Gecko rendering engine.
    Embedding Tips
    Some frequently asked questions about embedding.
    Mozilla embedding APIs overview
    Introduction to the Mozilla embedding APIs.
    Embedding the Editor
    This document describes the current state of editor embeddability, problems with the existing implementation, some possible embedding scenarios that we need to deal with, and an embedding solution that will fulfill them.
    Roll your own browser - An embedding HowTo
    A quick introduction to embedding Mozilla.

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