Visual JS GE

Visual-js GameEngine is a small but comprehensive canvas/websocket-based game engine with GUI source editor only for Windows. The server is based on Node.js vs MySql, the client made in four variant on a JavaScript frameworks for 2d canvas JS , three.js , webGL2 vs glmatrix and 2d canvas with matter.js in typescript to complete the stack.

Installation and setup

First of all download Visual-js from bitbucket. Extract the package into your root folder.

Installing modules

Navigate to server_instance/, then in the Node.js command prompt or console enter the following installation commands:

npm install mysql
npm install delivery
npm install express
npm install mkdirp
npm install
npm install nodemailer@0.7.0

Setting up config.js

You will find config.js in the server_instance folder: All Node.js applications use the same folder — server_instance. Some apps might need to have local storage, for instance, editor.js. You need to edit the config file to include the correct paths to the node app and project instance, as indicated below:

module.exports = {

   VERSION : "0.5",
   PATH_OF_WWW : "D:/xamp/htdocs/project_instance/", // PATH_TO_WWW  EDIT HERE
   EDITOR_PORT : "1013",
   REG_PATH : "users/",
   ACCOUNT_PORT  : 3666 ,


local node.js application tools (uses in developer mode only)

The following section provides information about the tools involved in Visual-JS game engine.

In page editor 

Found at server_instance/editor.js.


Found at server_instance/build_from_editor_to_visual_js_file.js. This is a Node.js app for local use.

If you use editor.js to visually create game objects, you must start the build_from_editor_to_visual_js_file.js when you have finished. This tool will create visual.js in the starter/ directory along with all your game objects.

It takes data from the system folder lib/visual_scripts/ and generates your code.


Used for adding images for animation purposes.

  1. This is done using server_instance/res.js. You need to put your images in a folder, for example TEST_RES/ , inside project_instance/res/.
  2. Next, run the command server_instance/node res.js.
  3. After this has finished processing, restart the web page by entering the following in the console:  RESOURCE.TEST_RES.

RESOURCE objects contain the path data for all your images. The actual image objects will be created after you add animation to the game objects. This is good because it is memory safe.

VISUAL JS.exe Windows GUI freeware 

Only for Windows users. Contains the following tools.

  • Visual_JS.exe Version 1.0 — comes with source editor.
  • ML_SYS.exe — Multilanguage tool for string labels (smart XML operation; no empty tags).
  • ScriptingJS.exe — Based on API.
  • MakeLib.exe — Needed for font bug fixing.

Video tutorials

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