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Building B2G for QEMU Emulator Redirect 2

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Warning: This article is obsolete. See Building and installing Boot to Gecko for the complete guide to building Firefox OS.

It is assumed you've already setup your build environment and cloned the repositories.

The following steps  allow you to build - and run - B2G on your emulator.  Do NOT run them as root.

$ cd B2G
$ make sync

Build the configuration for QEMU:
$ make config-qemu

Next, build the gonk backend and then the system itself:
$ make gonk
$ make

NOTE:   if ./emu.sh - your emulator - doesn't run at first, you'll need to make it executable:
$ chmod +x emu.sh

Lastly, run the emulator:
$ ./emu.sh

NOTE:  After cloning your repositories or making your build the first time, you can "clean" them - e.g. put them into the state so that the latest pull is the same as a fresh clone.

To do this, from your repo root:
$ make sync; git clean -xfd; git submodule foreach "git clean -xfd"
Alternately, you can try:
$ make mrproper

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