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  • The NativeWindow object is only available to privileged code running on Firefox for Android, and is intended for use by Firefox for Android add-ons.


NativeWindow.toast.show() displays a toast notification on Firefox for Android.

A toast notification is a message that appears on the screen for a set interval and then fades away. It does not accept user input.


NativeWindow.toast.show(message, duration);

The message displayed by the toast.

How long the toast should appear before fading away. This can take one of two values, short or long.

A set of options for the toast. See the "Supported options" section below

Supported options

button Requires Gecko 24.0

Attribute Description
label The label for the button. This text won't be formatted like a link. Keep it a short single word to make it feel clickable.
icon An icon for the button. This can be a base64 encded url, a chrome/resource url, or a drawable url.
callback A callback that is called when you tap the icon. The function isn't passed any arguments.


In the example below, an add-on adds a menu item that displays a toast:

function showToast(window) {  
  window.NativeWindow.toast.show("Showing you a toast", "short", {
    button: {
      label: "Undo",
      icon: "drawable://alert_app",
      callback: function() {
        Services.prompts.alert("You clicked the button");
var menuID;  
function addMenuItem(window) {  
  menuID = window.NativeWindow.menu.add("Show Toast", null, function(){  
function removeMenuItem(window) {  

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