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<ul> <li><a class="internal" href="../../../../En/Firefox_addons_developer_guide" rel="internal">Firefox add-ons developer guide</a> <small>An introductory guide to add-on development for Firefox.</small></li> <li><a href="../../../../en/Creating_Custom_Firefox_Extensions_with_the_Mozilla_Build_System" rel="internal">Creating Custom Firefox extensions with the Mozilla build system</a> <small>How to set up the build environment for an extension that makes use of binary components.</small></li> <li><a class="internal" href="../../../../en/Building_an_Extension" rel="internal">Building a Firefox extension</a> <small>Explains step by step how to build an extension for Firefox.</small></li> <li><a href="../../../../en/Updating_extensions_for_Firefox_3" rel="internal">Updating extensions for Firefox 3</a> <small>Lists the known changes in Firefox 3 that affect extensions with pointers to the relevant documentation.</small></li> <li><a class="internal" href="../../../../En/Firefox_3.5_for_developers" rel="internal">Updating extensions for Firefox 3.5</a> <small>Lists the known changes in Firefox 3.5 that affect extensions with pointers to the relevant documentation.</small></li> <li><a href="../../../../en/Code_snippets" rel="internal">Firefox code snippets</a> <small>Code commonly used by many extensions. See also articles in <a href="../../../../Special:Tags" rel="internal">Category:Extensions</a> for more examples.</small></li>
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