Bootcamp tutorial

Myk Melez gave this tutorial presentation on developing extensions as part of the Mozilla Labs Design Challenge.  It provides a quick introduction to the concept of extensions and proceeds to give you the basics on how to develop an extension.

Among the topics covered:

  • What are extensions, what can they do, and what are they made of?
  • How do you configure your development environment on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux?
  • How do you construct an extension? What files and directories are needed?
  • How do you package and test your extension?
  • A simple extension is then built that inserts XUL into the main browser window using an overlay, styles it with CSS, listens for and handles a DOM event using JavaScript, and localizes its strings with both a DTD and a properties file.

Download the presentation slides.

Download the tutorial's files.

View the video (in Ogg format).