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    This content covers features introduced in Thunderbird 3

    The extIExtension interface represents an extension. extIExtension is defined in toolkit/components/exthelper/extIApplication.idl.

    Implemented via XPCOM service for extIApplication: see the instructions on the FUEL (Firefox), STEEL (Thunderbird) and SMILE (SeaMonkey) pages.

    Method overview



    Attribute Type Description
    id readonly attribute AString The id of the extension.
    name readonly attribute AString The name of the extension.
    enabled readonly attribute boolean True if the extension is currently enabled.
    version readonly attribute AString The version number of the extension.
    firstRun readonly attribute boolean Indicates whether this is the extension's first run after install
    prefs readonly attribute extIPreferenceBranch The preferences object for the extension. Defaults to the "extensions.<extensionid>." branch.
    storage readonly attribute extISessionStorage The storage object for the extension.
    events readonly attribute extIEvents The events object for the extension. supports: "uninstall"



    See also

    See extApplication.js line:395 for the implementation of firstRun. A preference "install-event-fired" under your extensions preferences branch (e.g. extensions.YOUR_EXTENSION_ID.install-event-fired) will be set to false after your extension has been installed. You may need to reset this preference in about:config during testing.

    Also, see the FUEL (Firefox), STEEL (Thunderbird) and SMILE (SeaMonkey) pages.

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