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<p>Need a migrator here!
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</p><p>DOM 0 Objects
<pre class="eval">   * <a href="en/Client_Object_Cross-Reference/window">Client Object Cross-Reference:window</a>
   * <a href="en/Client_Object_Cross-Reference/document">Client Object Cross-Reference:document</a>
   * <a href="en/Client_Object_Cross-Reference/location">Client Object Cross-Reference:location</a>
   * <a href="en/Client_Object_Cross-Reference/navigator">Client Object Cross-Reference:navigator</a>
   * <a href="en/Client_Object_Cross-Reference/screen">Client Object Cross-Reference:screen</a>
<p>DOM Style
<pre class="eval">   * <a href="en/Client_Object_Cross-Reference/DOM_Style">Client Object Cross-Reference:DOM Style</a>
<pre class="eval">   * <a href="en/Client_Object_Cross-Reference/DOM_HTML">Client Object Cross-Reference:DOM HTML</a>
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