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Returns a string that identifies the current operating system.


oscpuInfo = window.navigator.oscpu 
  • oscpuInfo is a string that takes the following form:
Operating system oscpuInfo string format
OS/2 OS/2 Warp x (either 3, 4 or 4.5)
Windows CE WindowsCE x.y1
Windows 64-bit (64-bit build) Windows NT x.y; Win64; x64
Windows 64-bit (32-bit build) Windows NT x.y; WOW64
Windows 32-bit Windows NT x.y
Mac OS X (PPC build) PPC Mac OS X x.y
Mac OS X (i386/x64 build) Intel Mac OS X x.y
Linux 64-bit (32-bit build) Output of uname -s plus "i686 on x86_64"
Linux Output of uname -sm

1x.y refers to the version of the operating system


function osInfo() { 
// returns: "Windows NT 6.0" for example


Unless your code is privileged (chrome or at least has the UniversalBrowserRead privilege), it may get the value of the general.oscpu.override preference instead of the true platform.


DOM Level 0. Not part of any standard.

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