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The battery object provides information about the system's battery charge level; you can also listen to events it sends that provide updates about the battery's charge status. This implements the Battery Status API; see that documentation for additional details, a guide to using the API, and sample code.


var battery = window.navigator.battery;


navigator.battery is a BatteryManager object.


Specification Status Comment
Battery Status API Candidate Recommendation Initial specification.

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support Not supported
Chrome on Android:
Chrome OS:
10 (10) moz [1]
16 (16) (without prefix) [2]
Not supported Not supported Not supported
Feature Android Chrome for Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support ? Not supported 10.0 (10) moz [1]
16.0 (16) (without prefix) [2]
Not supported Not supported Not supported

Gecko notes

[1] Disabled by default in Firefox 10.0, but can be enabled setting the preference dom.battery.enabled to true. Starting with Firefox 11.0, mozBattery is enabled by default.

[2] The Battery API is currently supported on Android, Windows, and Linux with UPower installed. Support for MacOS is available starting with Gecko 18.0 (Firefox 18.0 / Thunderbird 18.0 / SeaMonkey 2.15 / Firefox OS 1.0.1).

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