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Because opening windows on mobile isn't necessarily appropriate, the Firefox Mobile team designed the importDialog() method to replace window.openDialog(). Instead of opening a new window, it merges the specified XUL dialog into the main window.


newDialog = importDialog(aParent, aSrc, aArguments) 
The opened window
The dialog's parent; can be null.
The chrome URL of the XUL dialog.
A JavaScript object containing data to pass to the dialog.


var dialog = importDialog(null, "chrome://myextension/content/dialog.xul", myObject);


The XUL passed to importDialog() is very similar to XUL passed to window.openDialog(), with some limitations and caveats:

  • Only <dialog> top level elements are permitted.
  • Scripts are loaded via an attribute on the <dialog> element, not via the <script> tag.

The XUL is merged into the existing window, almost like a XUL overlay. Because of this, element ID and JavaScript conflicts are possible, just like overlays. So be careful.


DOM Level 0. Not part of any standard.

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