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Introduced in HTML 4


Indicates the name of the style sheet set that's currently in use.


currentStyleSheetSet = document.selectedStyleSheetSet

document.selectedStyleSheet = newStyleSheetSet 

On return, currentStyleSheetSet indicates the name of the style sheet set currently in use. You can also set the current style sheet set using this property.

Setting the value of this property is equivalent to calling document.enableStyleSheetsForSet() with the value of currentStyleSheetSet, then setting the value of lastStyleSheetSet to that value as well.

Note: This attribute's value is live; directly changing the disabled attribute on style sheets will affect the value of this attribute.


console.log("Current style sheet set: " + document.selectedStyleSheetSet);

document.selectedStyleSheetSet = "Some other style sheet"; 

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Note: This sample will help you understand the difference in behavior between setting the value of selectedStyleSheetSet and calling document.enableStyleSheetsForSet().

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