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    Node.nodeValue Redirect 1


    Returns or sets the value of the current node.


    value = node.nodeValue;

    value is a string containing the value of the current node, if any.


    For the document itself, nodeValue returns null. For text, comment, and CDATA nodes, nodeValue returns the content of the node. For attribute nodes, the value of the attribute is returned.

    The following table shows the return values for different elements:

    Attr value of attribute
    CDATASection content of the CDATA Section
    Comment content of the comment
    Document null
    DocumentFragment null
    DocumentType null
    Element null
    NamedNodeMap null
    EntityReference null
    Notation null
    ProcessingInstruction entire content excluding the target
    Text content of the text node

    When nodeValue is defined to be null, setting it has no effect.


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