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<p><code>Components.utils.Sandbox</code> is used to create a sandbox object for use by <a href="/en/Components.utils.evalInSandbox" title="en/Components.utils.evalInSandbox">evalInSandbox</a>. See that page for more details and examples.</p>
<p>Available Sandbox functions (needs formatting): <a class=" external" href="" rel="freelink"></a></p>
<pre class="eval">dump() - Similar to <a class="internal" href="/En/DOM/Window.dump" title="En/DOM/Window.dump">window.dump()</a>.
importFunction - Allows for the secure importing of chrome functions into the Sandbox context.  For an example of its use, see <a class="external" href="" title="">nsProxyAutoConfig.js</a>.
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<p>{{ languages( { "pl": "pl/Components.utils.Sandbox" } ) }}</p>
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