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Character sets supported by Gecko Redirect 1

This page is not complete.

Character set names are used in the header of HTML documents to identify by which character set the content of a specific page should be processed. The following character sets are supported by Gecko and software based on it:

Charset name Language Notes
IBM-864 Arabic  
ISO-8859-6 Arabic  
MacArabic Arabic  
Windows-1256 Arabic  
ARMSCII-8 Armenian  
ISO-8859-13 Baltic  
ISO-8859-4 Baltic  
Windows-1257 Baltic  
ISO-8859-14 Celtic  
IBM-852 Central European  
ISO-8859-2 Central European  
MacCE Central European  
Windows-1250 Central European  
GB18030 Chinese Simplified  
GB2312 Chinese Simplified  
GBK Chinese Simplified  
HZ Chinese Simplified  
ISO-2022-CN Chinese Simplified  
Big5 Chinese Traditional  
Big5-HKSCS Chinese Traditional  
EUC-TW Chinese Traditional  
MacCroatian Croatian  
IBM-855 Cyrillic  
ISO-8859-5 Cyrillic  
ISO-IR-111 Cyrillic  
KOI8-R Cyrillic  
MacCyrillic Cyrillic  
Windows-1251 Cyrillic  
CP-866 Cyrillic/Russian  
KOI8-U Cyrillic/Ukrainian  
MacUkrainian Cyrillic/Ukrainian  
MacFarsi Farsi  
GEOSTD8 Georgian
Note: This was never actually fully supported, and support was removed in Gecko 12.0 (Firefox 12.0 / Thunderbird 12.0 / SeaMonkey 2.9).
ISO-8859-7 Greek  
MacGreek Greek  
Windows-1253 Greek  
MacGujarati Gujarati  
MacGurmukhi Gurmukhi  
IBM-862 Hebrew  
ISO-8859-8-I Hebrew  
MacHebrew Hebrew  
Windows-1255 Hebrew  
ISO-8859-8 Hebrew Visual  
MacDevanagari Hindi  
MacIcelandic Icelandic  
EUC-JP Japanese  
ISO-2022-JP Japanese  
Shift_JIS Japanese  
EUC-KR Korean  
ISO-2022-KR Korean  
JOHAB Korean  
UHC Korean  
ISO-8859-10 Nordic  
ISO-8859-16 Romanian  
MacRomanian Romanian  
ISO-8859-3 South European  
ISO-8859-11 Thai  
TIS-620 Thai  
Windows-874 Thai  
IBM-857 Turkish  
ISO-8859-9 Turkish  
MacTurkish Turkish  
Windows-1254 Turkish  
UTF-16BE Unicode  
UTF-16LE Unicode  
UTF-16 Unicode  
UTF-32BE Obsolete since Gecko 5.0 Unicode Support removed for HTML5 compatibility.
UTF-32LE Obsolete since Gecko 5.0 Unicode Support removed for HTML5 compatibility.
UTF-7 Obsolete since Gecko 5.0 Unicode Support removed for HTML5 compatibility.
UTF-8 Unicode  
TCVN Vietnamese  
VISCII Vietnamese  
VPS Vietnamese  
Windows-1258 Vietnamese  
IBM-850 Western  
ISO-8859-1 Western  
ISO-8859-15 Western  
MacRoman Western  
Windows-1252 Western  

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