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In Mozilla applications like Firefox, the -moz-outline-radius CSS property can be used to give outlines rounded corners. An outline is a line that is drawn around elements, outside the border edge, to make the element stand out.

-moz-outline-radius is a convenient shortcut to set the four properties -moz-outline-radius-topleft, -moz-outline-radius-topright, -moz-outline-radius-bottomright and -moz-outline-radius-bottomleft.


-moz-outline-radius:  <outline-radius>{1,4} [ / <outline-radius>{1,4}]? | inherit


Elliptical outlines and <percentage> values follow the syntax described in border-radius.

One, two, three or four <outline-radius> values, represents one of:

See <length> for possible values
A <percentage>; see border-radius for details
  • One single value applies to all 4 corners
  • Two values apply to 1. topLeft and bottomRight and 2. to the topRight and bottomLeft corner
  • Three values apply to 1. topLeft, 2. topRight and bottomLeft and 3. to the bottomRight corner
  • Four values apply to 1. topLeft, 2. topRight, 3. bottomRight and 4. to the bottomLeft corner


 outline: dotted red;

 -moz-outline-radius:  12% 1em 25px;
   /* is equivalent to: */
 -moz-outline-radius-topleft:     12%;
 -moz-outline-radius-topright:    1em;
 -moz-outline-radius-bottomright: 35px;
 -moz-outline-radius-bottomleft:  1em;


  • dotted or dashed radiused corners are rendered as solid, bug 382721
  • Future versions of Gecko/Firefox may drop this property completely. See bug 593717 (remove -moz-outline-radius and make outlines follow border-radius)


This property it is not defined in any CSS standard.

Browser compatibility

Support since Firefox 1.5 (Gecko 1.8). There is no correlative property in other major Browsers.

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