XForms Upload Element


Provides a means for the user to select a file (see the spec) from the file system. A filter can be specified to limit the types of files that the user can select from. Visually, the upload control is shown as a file picker dialog that hides disallowed (filtered) file types. The XForms author can set the filter by using the mediatype attribute directly on the upload element or by placing a mediatype element (see the spec) as a direct child of the upload element.


  • UI Common
    • appearance - isn't supported.
    • accesskey - used to specify the keyboard shortcut for focusing this control.
  • Single-Node Binding
  • Special
    • mediatype - supported.
    • incremental - isn't supported.

Type restrictions

The upload element can be bound to a node of type xsd:anyURI, xsd:base64Binary or xsd:hexBinary or any type derived from one of these.


The XForms upload element is represented by visually combining three widgets: a text field that shows the URI of the selected file, a button to open the file picker dialog which allows the user to select a file, and a button to clear the text field and the reference to the file from the bound node (xhtml only).


  • analogous widget is <xhtml:input type="file"/>

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