XForms Message Element


Used in combination with XML Event listeners to display a message to the user when the specified event occurs (see the spec). The message of the message element can exist in instance data, in a remote document, or as inline text. If more than one source of message is specified in this element, the order of precedence is: single node binding attributes, linking attributes, inline text.


  • Single-Node Binding
  • Linking
    • src - URL of a document whose contents will be retrieved by the message element and used to provide the message text for the message element.
  • Special
    • level - defines a representation of message element

Type restrictions

The message element can be bound to any simple content.


It may be represented in the following ways:

  • modal window - if level attribute value is modal
  • modeless window - if level attribute value is modeless
  • tooltip window - if level attribute value is ephemeral

Note: message element doesn't define a default presentation. Therefore you should always specify a level attribute.


  <xforms:label>It's a button</xforms:label>
  <xforms:message level="modal" ev:event="DOMActivate">Hello</xforms:message>