XForms Label Element


Specifies the label (short description) for the XForms control (see the spec). Every form control other than the output and choices elements must contain a label element. It is valid for a form control to have an empty label element. The label text can be specified in instance data, in a remote document, or as inline text. If more than one source of label text is specified for this element, the order of precedence is: single node binding attributes, linking attributes, inline text.

UI behavior

  • accesskey support - if the accesskey attribute is specified on labeled XForms controls or on the label element itself then the label text for the control will contain an indicator as to what the access key is in a standard way. Usually by underlining the accesskey character in the label text.
  • focus behavior - when a label element is clicked or its accesskey is activated then the form control that contains the label will be given the focus.


  • UI Common
    • accesskey - used to specify the keyboard shortcut for focusing the parent form control.
  • Single-Node Binding
  • Linking
    • src - URL of a document whose contents will be retrieved by the label element and used to provide label text for the containing form control.

Type restrictions

The label element can be bound to any simple content.


The XForms label element is represented by the text retrieved from instance data, a document or the label element's own inline content.