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    XForms Group Element


    The group element is used as a container for defining a hierarchy of form controls. Groups can be nested to create complex hierarchies.


    • Single-Node Binding

    Type restrictions

    The group element can be bound to a node containing data of any type. Actually, the group element doesn't interact with the data in the bound node. However, having a relevant model item property on the bound node has an effect on a group. All content elements (e.g. core form controls, groups, switches, repeats and host language content) within a non-relevant group are handled as non-relevant. If a group is non-relevant, then the rendering approach used to signify non-relevance is applied to the entire content of the group.


    The group element doesn't have visual presentation.


    <group ref="address">
      <label>Shipping Address</label>
      <input ref="line_1">
        <label>Address line 1</label>
      <input ref="line_2">
        <label>Address line 2</label>
      <input ref="postcode">

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