XForms Styling

Just a starting draft. Hopefully someone more proficient in Mozilla XForms and CSS can clean this up


See the Mozilla XForms Specials page for some general points.


Can be styled as tabs.


  • Use appearance="minimal" to be able to style buttons


The Mozilla XForms extension is one of the few XForms processors which allow for styling of the XForms elements directly, using mostly standard CSS.

Processors such as Chiba create "old-style" HTML forms from XForms documents, and must be styled accordingly. However, most of the time the transition is straight-forward: View the source after processing of your XForms document, and map the old styles to the new elements.

Appearance attributes can also make a big difference. Experimenting with these can give you some easier way of styling the contents than just using the default.

=== Example === Here's a small example that shows equivalent styles for Chiba and Mozilla XForms. XForms: <pre></pre> Chiba HTML: <pre></pre> Mozilla CSS: <pre></pre> Chiba CSS: <pre></pre> formsPlayer CSS: <pre></pre>