RFE to the XForms API


This page contains requests for enhancement to the XForms API. The term XForms API can fall into two categories. These are XForms DOM and XForms interfaces that are exposed by XForms DOM. XForms DOM is a list of interfaces that are available from XForms elements directly. This means those interfaces available to be queried from the XForms element that resides in the DOM. For example, every visual XForms element exposes the nsIXFormsDelegate interface. If you need some additional functionality that shouldn't be exposed from the XForms element directly, then you should think which interface of the XForms element is more appropriate to expose it. Mozilla XForms doens't offer any service you can get via XPCOM. As an example, the nsIXFormsAccessors interface which allows a user to get/set the value of an instance node and get the state of an instance node, is exposed by the nsIXFormsDelegate interface using the accessors property.

XForms DOM

Put here your requirements how to improve XForms DOM API.

Reflect attributes to properties

For the elements that can contain the incremental or selection attributes, it makes sense to expose analogous properties.

XForms functional interfaces

Put here your requirements to improve existing XForms interfaces or to add a new one.

Ability to get nsIXFormsAccessors for instance node

We need the ability to get to the nsIXFormsAccessors interface on a node by specifying the node via an XPath expression or by specifying the instance node directly (see bug 312956).