RFE to the Custom Controls Interfaces


This page contains requests for enhancement to the custom control interfaces. You can refer to custom controls page to get familiar with custom controls mechanism. In short, we have the following interfaces:

  • nsIXFormsAccessors - serves to get/set the value of the instance data node that the XForms element is bound to as well as getting the various states of that node
  • nsIXFormsDelegate - used to obtain the nsIXFormsAccessors interface
  • nsIXFormsUIWidget - used by the XForms processor to update the value/state of an XForms element when its bound node's value/state is changed

Our current mechanism that allows authors to build custom controls assumes that the controls will be bound to instance nodes of simple content type. This means that the bound node is not allowed to contain element nodes. If you need to have a custom control that works with complext content or you find our interfaces too limiting to create the type of control that you have in mind, then this is the right place to pass along your requirements and any usecase that you are trying to solve.


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