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    RFE to the Custom Controls


    If you have a custom control that you believe will help fulfill the needs of form authors or other custom controls authors, please file it here. This page could be of particular interest to people using custom controls in XUL documents for the following reason. XUL, in many cases, is much better suited for application development than XHTML. Therefore the control set may need to be more extensive to address the wider spectrum of requirements that a XUL application will have on its controls. Note: XUL is a feature of Mozilla only and custom control authors should be aware their controls won't work on other browser platforms.


    Put your requests here.

    output that shows the DOM

    If output contains CDATA section or text node and its data is any Mozilla known language like XHTML/XUL/SVG then output should parse and display it (see bug 316817).

    output should show data in current locale format

    The bug 331585 address the issue. Probably this feature should be implemented by adding a new custom control.

    input that shows/modifies the DOM

    Like the request above for output. The related bug is bug 348562.

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