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ECMAScript for XML (E4X) is a programming language extension that adds native XML support to JavaScript. It does this by providing access to the XML document in a form that feels natural for ECMAScript programmers. The goal is to provide an alternative, simpler syntax for accessing XML documents than via DOM interfaces. A valid alternative to E4X is a non-native JXON algorithm.
E4X Tutorial
This tutorial walks you through the basic syntax of E4X (EcmaScript for XML). With E4X, programmers can manipulate an XML document with a syntax more familiar to JavaScript programming.
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MSX Emulator (jsMSX)
Scope Cheatsheet
JavaScript with Mozilla extensions has both function-scoped vars and block-scoped lets. Along with hoisting and dynamic behavior, scope in JavaScript is sometimes surprising.
Server-Side JavaScript
Here's a radical idea: Use one language to write entire Web apps -- the same language which billions of web pages already use, every day.
Sharp variables in JavaScript
A sharp variable is a syntax in object initializers that allows serialization of objects that have cyclic references or multiple references to the same object.
Standards-Compliant Authoring Tools
Creating cross-browser code upfront will save you lots of time quality testing your web content. The following authoring tools adhere to the W3 standards. If you're using older versions of tools that rely on old browser bugs or generate browser-specific code, it may be time to upgrade:

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