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Contains information the plug-in needs to print itself in full-page or embedded mode.


typedef struct _NPPrint
    uint16 mode;   /* NP_FULL or NP_EMBED */
        NPFullPrint fullPrint;   /* if mode is NP_FULL */
        NPEmbedPrint embedPrint; /* if mode is NP_EMBED */
    } print;
} NPPrint;


The data structure has the following fields:

Determines whether plug-in prints in full-page or embedded mode. Values:
  • NP_FULL: Pointer to NPFullPrint structure. Plug-in can optionally print in full-page mode. The fullPrint field of the union is valid. See NPFullPrint and NPP_Print.
  • NP_EMBED: Pointer to NPEmbedPrint structure. Plug-in should print in embedded mode. The embedPrint field of the union is valid. See NPEmbedPrint.


The NPP_Print function passes a pointer to an NPPrint object (previously allocated by the browser) to the plug-in. The pointer and fields within the NPPrint structure are valid only for the duration of the NPP_Print call.

See Also

NPP_Print, NPFullPrint, NPEmbedPrint