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Gets the names of the properties and methods of the specified NPObject.


#include <npruntime.h>
bool NPN_Enumerate(NPP npp, NPObject *npobj, NPIdentifier **identifiers,
                   uint32_t *identifierCount);


The function has the following parameters:

The NPP indicating which plugin instance is making the request.
The object of which the properties and methods are to be retrieved.
A pointer to receive a pointer to the start of an array of string identifiers of the names of the properties and methods of npobj.
A pointer to receive the number of identifiers in identifiers.


true if the names of the properties and methods were successfully retrieved, otherwise false.

Note: The caller must call NPN_MemFree() on the pointer received through the identifiers parameter of a successful call to NPN_Enumerate to release the array of string identifiers when it is no longer needed. The callee allocates this array via NPN_MemAlloc().


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