Summary: mozilla.dev.tech.layout - November 11 - November 17, 2006


None this week.


  • Testing accesskey conflicts
    • Discussion about the complexity of access keys and how to detect conflicts there in the l10n community. Bug #360589 describes this ongoing issue.
  • Site not loading with seamonkey
    • A user built seamonkey in debug mode and is currently receiving a "BAD REQUEST" error on some websites.
  • Reflow branch testing wanted
    • L. David Baron would like users to test the reflow branch as it is coming close to being merged with the trunk. Nightly builds, instructions and the current list of known regressions on the branch can be found at: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Gecko:Reflow...ng#Quick_Links. Users are asked to file bugs on encountered problems that are not present on the current trunk builds. If bugs are filed, "[reflow branch]" should be placed at the beginning of the summary.
  • Parsing HTML into a document object in Fx3
    • Discussion if Gecko 1.9 will support parsing HTML into a document object. The possibility of turning the MicrosummaryResource object into a XPCOM component, which accomplishes this task in a "hacky" manner, was also discussed.


None this week.