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    Summary: - November 4 - November 10, 2006


    None this week.


    • How to know the full height and width of a webpage
      • Discussion on how to determine the full height and width of a web page when embedding a browser into an application. Using window.innerHeight and window.scrollMaxY should resolve this issue.
    • Block Images
      • Discussion on how where to change source code so that images could be blocked in Mozilla. This can be defined within the nsIContentPolicy.
    • Applying site- and page-specific settings during layout
      • Discussion on the best possible solution for integrating Firefox 3 with the ability to apply site- and page-specific user settings during layout. The idea of using a single sheet and the per-site selectors that dbaron implemented would allow for a quick proof of concept. The pro's and con's of using a single sheet was discussed.


    None this week.

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