Summary: mozilla.dev.tech.layout - October 21 - October 27, 2006


None this week.


  • Removal of the NN4.6 table border color quirk
    • Discussion on removing the NN 4.6 table boarder color quirk, which currently causes a specific markup to produce a green boarder instead of a gray one.
  • Help for getting HTML element width info
    • Discussion on retrieving width information on HTML elements when using the Gecko engine. It was determined that the offsetWidth property can be used to get this value.
  • Multiple presshells
    • Discussion on why current interfaces allow for multiple presshells and how the relationships work for the following objects: docshell, presshell, prescontext, document, domwindow, widget, docshell and contentviewer. Boris Zbarsky explains in detail the relationships between these objects.
    • The presshells are currently used for printing, but should or could have been used for print previews and multiple views in editors.


None this week.