• Introducing RhinoLoader
    • A byproduct of Helma that extends Java applications with Rhino/JS. It is basically a Java classloader that creates classes from JavaScript files.


  • Deleting Objects in SpiderMonkey
    • A user asks if there's a method of manually deleting an object in SpiderMonkey before garbage collector deletes it.
    • Peter Wilson's reply was to add a method that does the deleting with a native implementation that releases the resources held by the object as seen in this database interface:
var myDbase = new PgsqlConnection;
myDbase.exec("SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE ...");
// Use the result data - (native implementation function)
  • SpiderMonkey for Server side
    • Inquiry about why JavaScript hasn't caught on for general server-side scripting.
    • Peter Wilson lists some important comparisons between SpiderMonkey and PHP. He states that JavaScript is powerful server-side scripting but it lacks in popularity since its only supported by Netscape, lacks a wide range of libraries, minimal marketing support.
    • http://www.whitebeam.org is an example of open source Server Side JavaScript.