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    Summary: - September 30-October 6, 2006


    • FireFox 2 RC2 Update - The minimum tests for RC2 are complete which includes smoke and BFT tests. There were a few problems found where FF was hanging on shutdown and some weird behaviors in the download manager. Update checker was run; all failures found were expected. Build is Go for launch.
    • Vista Testers - needed to test Firefox and Thunderbird in Vista. Any test case ideas specific to Vista are welcomed. Check posting for details.
    • FireFox 2 RC2 testing - Tim Riley announced the L10n builds were completed last night. To help out with testing meet in IRC chat room #qa. Test results will be posted here.


    • None for this week


    • Community Test Day - on Friday October 6th, 2006 in IRC chat room #testday there will be a test day focusing on Safe Browsing between 7am to 5pm PDT.
    • Bug Day - in IRC chat room #bugday on Oct 3rd. Reminder from Tracy. Check posting for times in your region.


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