Summary: mozilla.dev.platform - November 11th - November 17th, 2006


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  • Boaz discuses the evolution of web browsers towards a more "application mode" whereas a web browser is loaded for the sole purpose of running a given website. Boaz invites your Comments
  • XULRunner is running a kiosk-type application on Linux with 512Mb, and there is the appearance of a significant memory leak. Win2XUL asks for any quick pointers, opinions, experience, suggestions or Ideas on where xulrunner might leak memory
  • Bug 319654 was fixed on trunk recently. Nickolay Ponomarev lets us know that Processing instructions are now added to XUL document's DOM This also means, you can no longer use document.firstChild in XUL scripts to get the root element of a XUL document and the xml-stylesheet and xul-overlay processing instructions outside the prolog no longer have any effect


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