• governance topics
    Mitchell Baker announces that topics have been posted in the governance group.
  • Windows DDE Shell Integration removal
    Robert Strong announces that a long standing bug in Firefox's use of the Windows DDE Shell Integration code has been uncovered during Vist OS integration testing. Firefox's use of this code has been removed but the Windows DDE Shell Integration code has been kept so that 3rd party apps depending on this code can stay working.
  • Firefox Update - We Need Help!
    Jay Patael calls for help getting the next update ff 1.5.x and 2.x. He requests blocker bug owners get their patches in asap and since check approval will be granted daily that they be ready to check their patches in as soon as they are approved.
  • Automatic configure updated back
    Preed announces that the machine that does the automatic autoconf/configure generation (egg.build.mozilla.org) is back up.
  • Gecko 1.9a1 Triage Meetings
    Vlad announced that the Gecko devs will be taking over the ff2 triage meetings until Gecko 1.9a1 ships (Nov 28th). Watch #grandparadiso for updates.



  • November 29th Gecko 1.9/Gran Paradiso Status Meeting: (agenda).
  • November 27 Weekly Project Status Meeting: (agenda)