Beltzner announced FF2 RC2 is availabe for all 3 major platforms in some 40 langauges.

Tim Riley announced minimum tests for RC2 have been run and that RC2 is go for the final staging of the release. Preed followed up and said that the checker was run and "Build is Go for Launch".

Sunbird and Lightning 0.3rc1 is announced. This launches a (misguided?) discussion and comparison of Sunbird and Lightning to Outlook.

Chris Hofmann reminds about the push to have extensions work with FF2. Also invites people to file bugs about extensions that don't work. Also invites people to help extension developers test for compatibility (link to a bunch of extension compatability bugs)


A discussion of what can be done to speed up the release process.

Simon Paquet asked for an update of the road map and either update or removal of the planning blog. Adam Gutherie replied that cbeard's blog post from Nov 2005 is as close to a roadmap as exists right now and agrees that needs to be done about this.

Dbaron mentioned that maybe trunk should be closed because of lack of talkbacks received ( bug 354835 is suspected). pal-moz offers a solution to bug 354835. dbaron then follows up that bug 354835 is solved so there is no need to close the tree waiting for it.

Johannes Koch asks where is the thunderbird roadmap? Ziga Sancin replies with a link and regrets about it being a bit out of date.

Andrew Schultz asks about the Gecko schedule. dbaron and Chris Ilias respond with relative dates but still no schedule.

Schrep asks for any final things standing in the way of RC2. RC2 starts spinning and en-US builds are annoucned. Beltzner says that (as per Bon Echo Status Meeting) that RC2 is going to be re-spun to fix some final bugs that were regressed and patches that were just landed.

Schrep started a discussion of bugs that need to be fixed for the FF2 RC2 Code Freeze to go ahead.