Summary: mozilla.dev.builds - October 28th to November 3rd 2006

  • November 2nd: kenoa complained that when he is compiling using cygwin on win32 he gets the following error
No such file or directory1: /cygdrive/c/mozilla/mail/config/mozconfig client.mk:339: /cygdrive/c/mozilla/.mozconfig.mk: No such file or directory
He claims that the file ".mozconfig" exists in /cygdrive/c/mozilla/mail/config/mozconfig
  • Originally posted on November 2nd: gxk is building minimo using the code base from sept. 11 2006.
When he builds using the disable.crypto option he encounters the following problem:
No rule to make target `../../dist/lib/components/libpipboot.a', needed by `minimo'. He has also created a bug entry on bugzilla with the bug id of Opened bug #344854.
  • Phil is trying to compile firefox for the first time and is getting an error when doing so:
Building deps for /cygdrive/c/mozilla/toolkit/airbag/airbag/src/common/windows/guid_string.cc
make[1]: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/c/mozilla/obj-i686-pc-cygwin' make: *** [build] Error 2
He also noted that he is using make 3.80-1.
  • On November 1st Gavin Sharp responded Phil's question.
He said that the problem that Phil is experiencing is a known issue. He also mentioned that AirBag doesn't build with msvc 7.1. (http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=htt...tail%3Fid%3D64)
Gavin recommended that phil should add |ac_add_options --disable-airbag| to his .mozconfig.
  • Originally posted on November 1st: Dale Dale has set up a windows machine in order to perform Mozilla builds but has been unsuccessful to do so. According to him he has followed the Windows Build Requirements recommended by mozilla. He also noted that he has had different results (error messages when compiling) on different machines.
Dale has discovered that there are other people who are experiencing the same issues as he is. He has also found a work around which is to use version 20040127-1 of sh.exe instead of the sh.exe version 20040127-3.
  • Originally posted on October 29th: Gery Gery claims to have discovered a problem when he compiles mozilla across different platforms when PKG_CONFIG is used.
He told Gery to create a bug for this problem in bugzilla.
  • On November 2nd Gery replied with the bug number 358706.


Rob Helmer will be adding his patch to fix Tp2's reporting of average pre-load times.
that he is taking down old Tinderboxes and making a few changes to existing Tinderboxes.
  • On October 30th Boris Zbarsky Boris expresses his opinion about Paul taking down one of the two build boxes that produces nightly builds for linux.
  • On October 30th J. Paul Reed responds to Boris with the following explanation on why he is taking down one of two the linux build servers. Paul explains that his goal is to do only singular sets of builds where the coverage of all the platforms is constant.


  • There were no meetings this week.

Summarized By: Vanessa Miranda & Mohammad Tirtashi