Summary: mozilla.dev.builds - October 21st to October 27th 2006

  • October 22nd: Gavin Sharp answered a question that was posted by Tony Mechelynck. The question Tony posted was that he wanted to know what was wrong with Fx 1.5.0.x (Linux) tinderbox because it has been failing since October 22 at around 5:45 PM PDT.
  • Gavin responded to Tony's posting saying that the log file shows a "no space left on device" error when trying to link the final executable.
  • On the same day Tony replied to Gavin's posting stating the possible choices to solve the problem. These were the following choices stated:
  1. search the filesystem for unneeded files
  2. delete or archive them, add a hard disk, move all or part of the concerned filesystem there
  3. move that tinderbox to a different machine with more empty disk space
  • On October 23rd: Nick responded to Gavin and Tony's posting. Nick stated that the build engineers knew that there was a problem with the tinderbox and that they would be solving the problem by adding a hard disk, and moving all or part of the concerned filesystem there.
  • He also mentioned that the tinderbox is just a virtual machine, so you can easily allocate more space to it as need, assuming the host has some available.
  • October 26: Alex was trying to build Firefox 2 source on a Solaris 10 x86 machine but was not successful with the build. He has already built Firefox on the same machine with no problems. The following is his configuration script that he used to build Firefox 2 on Solaris.
./configure --prefix=/export/home/alex/thunderbird
--enable-application=browser --disable-tests --disable-debug
-disable-auto-deps --disable-freetype2 -enable-official-branding
--enable-default-toolkit=gtk2 --enable-optimize=-xO5 --enable-static
--disable-shared --enable-xft --enable-svg 
  • The build tools that he used to build Firefox 2 are listed in his posting along with the error that he receives when he tries to build it. Alex is not sure if he is missing a library or if he needs to pass extra options to configure the build.
  • Peter Weilbacher responded to Alex's posting on the same day, stating that he is not sure what packaging system Solaris 10 x86 uses but thinks that he might need to install the developer packages of X and/or Xrender and Freetype which should contain the libXrender.* and libfreetype.* files that are need for the linking.
  • October 27: Alex responded to Peter Weilbacher posting stating that he is going to look for a Solaris newsgroup because he is not sure how to check if the library is installed or where to get the packages.
  • October 26: Masaki responded to Alex's posting by providing a link to a similar bug that provides a work around to the problem he was having. The solution that Masaki suggested was to add "-L/usr/sfw/lib" into MOZ_CAIRO_LIBS of config/autoconf.mk.
MOZ_CAIRO_LIBS = -L$(LIBXUL_DIST)/lib -lmozcairo -lmozlibpixman \
    -L/usr/sfw/lib -lXrender -lfreetype -lfontconfig 
  • October 27: Alex replied to Masaki posting, stating that he was going to use the work around that he provided and would provide feedback if it was successful or not. Later that day Alex able to successful complete his Firefox 2 build by using Masaki'swork around that he had posted.
  • October 27: atachi.hayash wanted to know if you use MSYS would update-packaging work. Click here to view the errorthat he receives when trying to update-packaging.
  • October 27: Chotu Atwork is trying to build Firefox-2.0rc3 on uclinux running on a MIPS processor. During his build he receives an error which he has tried to find a solution by using Google, but has not been successful.


  • There are no announcements this week.


  • October 23rd: Axel Hecht posted an answer to Cédric Corazza posting. Cédric's posting was about a French site which had already announced the availablity of FF 2.0 final release and provided download links, even though the release was on October 24. The owner of the site probably browsed on the releases/2.0 dir on the ftp and got the releases, which is kind of unpolite. Cédric wanted to know if the release directory should be closed before a major release to avoid this kind of thing to happen.
  • Axel responded by stating that Cédric should send them a nice note to correct that.
  • On the same day Cédric replied to Axel's posting stating that he was going to forward a note to Tristan separately.
  • On the same day Paul Reed replied to Cédric's posting by stating that they would like to close the directory before major releases but that unfortunately it wasn't that easy to do because the files must be readable, so mirrors can get the bits to serve them on the release day. Paul suggested that the best way to deal with this would be to ask people to wait, and let them know that they're degrading their user experience.
  • urk responded to the posting on the same day by mentioning that they should discuss this with the Fedora Project and see what their solution to the problem is. Urk stated that currently Fedora has their release 6 directory locked out with access forbidden via web and FTP while the mirrors are mirroring for the release tuesday.


  • There were no meetings this week.

Summarized By: Vanessa Miranda & Mohammad Tirtashi